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The best Motorhome to buy is usually the one you like most, however many things should be considered when searching for the best motor home to purchase. Primarily, I would suggest searching for a motor home that is no fewer than 2 years old and that was used regularly since new. The reason for this is, most RV’s from the factory have many little problems and kinks to work out. If the rig is 2 years old, in most cases, the bugs and kinks have already been fixed and you most likely will have a much better experience with your new to you RV. Continue Reading this Article

Full time living in an RV with your spouse or by your self can be a very cost reducing way of life and open your social game with fellow Campers. Meet new people and becoming more active are some of the best reasons to go full time in an RV. Ask any Camper their opinion and most will tell you that they wished they had done it a long time ago. What a way to live meeting new friends, upping your exercising game and enjoying a much better cost saving life on the road. Go RV’ing today and live better with more friends and fun activities than you ever dreamed of.

Information Source: Edmonds Published: 04/09/2013  - by John O'Dell, Senior Editor

Motor homes can be a pleasant way to travel, letting you stay at a campsite, alongside a picturesque stream or even on the street at Aunt Matilda's for the annual family get-together.

But things change when you need to run into town for groceries, or want to take a sightseeing trip after you've set up camp. Driving your Motorized RV along narrow twisty roads, navigating in urban traffic or trying to find parking spots and paying for the additional fuel it's consuming can be anything but pleasant. Read More

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RV deals for pre-owned FIFTH WHEELS, used TRAVEL TRAILERS, DIESEL MOTOR COACHES and converted BUSES. Find Camper classifieds for sale by owner that need to sell. Get deals you want and pay the price you can afford. Found a super cool fifth wheel and you have nothing to pull it with? BuyMyRvNow.com has a category just for you. TRUCK CLASSIFIEDS just for RV’ers needing that special Pick Up set up to drag your fifth wheel. Not plain pickups, but heavier trucks with fifth wheel HITCHES and plenty of power to pull your new or used camper. Want to ride around your neighborhood or favorite campground in style? Golf Cart classifieds are here too and you'll be able to search for your perfect used golfcart or sell your current cart. Browse around the site for used RV classifieds, or search to find great RV ACCESSORIES for your “New to You” RV. BuyMyRvNow is a FREE Used RV Classifieds site.



Diesel or Gas RV?

The Differences between Gas or Diesel powered RV’s can be a tough choice when buying a used RV. All things considered, Gas or Diesel RV’s both have benefits such as cost per gallon, power and repair costs. Both RV choices should be studied and researched before you buy your new or used RV in order to get a pleasurable outcome for you and your family.

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